Welcome to our company

With many years of experience in selling the bearing & power transmission equipments, TST is now proud of being the authorized & exclusive distributor of well known manufacturers such as BALDOR- DODGE USA, NATEC JAPAN, TBI & ABBA TAIWAN…We are confident to commit to bring the high quality products & solutions to our clients at the soonest time through our distribution networks & strong sales forces all over Viet Nam. Our main products are:

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings & Insert Bearings:

  • S6000ZZ, S6001ZZ, S6002ZZ, S6003ZZ, S6003ZZ, S6004ZZ, S6005ZZ, S6006ZZ, S6007ZZ, S6008ZZ, S6009ZZ, S6009ZZ, S6010ZZ...

  • S6200ZZ, S6201ZZ, S6202ZZ, S6203ZZ, S6204ZZ, S6205ZZ, S6206ZZ, S6207ZZ, S6207ZZ, S6208ZZ, S6209ZZ, S6210ZZ, S6211ZZ, S6212ZZ

  • SUC204, SUC205, SUC206, SUC207, SUC208, SUC209, SUC210


Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Units

  • PSUCF204, PSUCF205, PSUCF206, PSUCF207, PSUCF208, PSUCF209, PSUCF210

  • SUCF204, SUCF205, SUCF206, SUCF207, SUCF208, SUCF209, SUCF210, SUCF212

  • PSUCP204, PSUCP205, PSUCP206, PSUCP207, PSUCP208, PSUCP209, PSUCP210

  • SUCP204, SUCP205, SUCP206, SUCP207, SUCP208, SUCP209, SUCP210


  • SUCFL204, SUCFL205, SUCFL206, SUCFL207, SUCFL208, SUCFL209, SUCFL210

  • PSUCT204, PSUCT205, PSUCT206, PSUCT207, PSUCT208, PSUCT209, PSUCT210

  • SUCT204, SUCT205, SUCT206, SUCT207, SUCT208, SUCT209, SUCT210